How to Select the Best Red Wine Vinegar

The best red wine vinegar can be found in abundance on your local grocery store shelf. Then there is unique specialty brands that you can chose from. So, which do you buy? Also, where to buy red wine vinegar is another question. Selecting the best red wine vinegar may sound like a daunting task but with the right know how, you can pick the best from the rest. These tips will start you off on the road to having the best red wine vinegar on the market at an affordable price. Unless you want to go all out and buy a pricy brand you can find the best in that category as well.

Good red wine vinegar has a taste that is not solely dependant on its price. A good brand of vinegar may cost you $0.30 per ounce while a more expensive variety may cost you $3 per ounce and not taste as good. The price is only arbitrary. When cooking with vinegar you want to use the best tasting for your dish. To make a sauce more complex, add a splash of vinegar to the mix. Red wine vinegar pasta sauce will have a tangy twist will have a cup of vinegar added to the sauce.

Adding vinegar to a sauce will make the simple dish more complex. Also varying your vinaigrette is another alternative. You can vary your vinaigrette by changing the 3 to 1 ratio to 2 to 1, with 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar or 2 parts oil to 1 part vinegar. By changing the vinegar dressing ratio you will get a tangier or even milder taste however do not add more vinegar than oil or your puckered mouth will not forget it.

If your red wine vinegar dressing is too tangy you can always add a small amount of honey to balance out the flavors. The best way to test the taste of vinegar is to dip pieces of bread into the red wine vinegar. This method tones down the acidity of the red wine vinegar and allows for the subtle flavor to shine through.

Some of the best choices of red wine vinegar from a store brands come from the Orleans method of aging wine in oak barrels with an acetobacter to ferment the wine. The price for this method of red wine vinegar making is low at about $10 for an 18 oz bottle. Other red wines with port-like flavors balance the grapey taste well with the acidic flavors and this type of Pompeian red wine vinegar is fairly inexpensive costing about $2 for 16 oz bottle. Lastly if you want to splurge and you budget allows you can opt for the higher end brands. Such as a pinot noir Italian red wine vinegar which costs $11 for 8 oz.