Red Wine Vinegar

Health Benefits of Red Wine Vinegar

Known its ability to make delicious salad dressing red wine vinegar deserves to be appreciated for its many other uses. Vinegar is not usually on the top of everyones list for must have items, but its recent surge in popularity can be traced to its multiple uses. A true multi-tasker, red wine vinegar deserves a closer look outside of the kitchen. Its culinary uses are widespread but it can also be used medicinally, as a powerful cleaning agent, and its rediscovered health benefits.

Historical Uses of Red Wine Vinegar

Throughout antiquity vinegar has been used by nearly every developed culture. It has found its place even among religious ceremonies and is mentioned in sacred texts of many faiths. So what is it about this soured acidic liquid that has allowed it to survive the test of time and still be widely used today? Red wine vinegar nutrition is well documented. Known as a good source of iron and vitamin C and abundant trace minerals make it a great way to enhance overall health. Rich in enzymes and potassium red wine vinegar is believed to support a healthy immune system.

Powerful Healer

Studies have shown that red wine vinegar health benefits include the potential to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. It can be used as a powerful agent in helping to manage diabetes when added to food. It lowers the conversion of carbohydrates into sugars making carbohydrates easier to consume by people with diabetes. The historical uses of red wine vinegar have indicated that it contains antimicrobial properties that make it useful in treating persistent coughs and other infections. Red wine vinegar can be used by dieters to help improve the feeling of fullness, which reduces the amount of calories consumed and aids in weight loss.

Red wine vinegar is used topically to relieve skin irritations by restoring the acid level of skin and providing a cooling effect. It has a natural ability to regulate Ph levels when used topically. Because of this it can also be used as a natural hair wash to restore dull and lifeless hair, improving shine, texture, and body. Do not worry about the smell, when used in this way the acidic smell disappears after the vinegar has dried. Thought to tone the skin and restore a youthful and healthy appearance, red wine vinegar is touted by some in the alternative health industry to be a perfect solution to relax tired and overworked muscles. It can also be used as a safe way to screen for cancerous cells prevalent

Red Wine Vinegar Substitute

A good red wine vinegar substitute is apple cider vinegar. With a similar taste and nearly the same health benefits it can easily be used interchangeably. All vinegars have basically the same properties since it is created by the same fermenting bacteria. The differences come from what the starting material was. In the case of red wine vinegar it is red wine. As with plain wine the quality of the source greatly affects the quality of the final product. Vinegars from various sources usually differ in the level of acidity and flavor. Harsh vinegars can be extremely unpleasant and difficult to balance when cooking.

Cooking with Red Wine Vinegar

The best way to take advantage of the health benefits of red wine vinegar is in foods. Red wine vinegar recipe ideas are easy to find online. They range from the obvious vinaigrettes to the more obscure uses in gourmet and surprisingly dessert recipes. It is a perfect addition to overnight pickle recipes as it lends a deeper flavor dimension to the ordinary vinegar based recipes. The key to cooking with vinegar is to balance the acid with sweet and savory flavors. If used improperly they have the potential to overpower and destroy the taste you are trying to achieve. Also, cooking vinegar tends to evaporate much of the acid leaving a more balanced flavor to foods. Experiment with your favorite recipes and take advantage of a wealth of health benefits. Red wine vinegar is a delicious and healthy addition to your diet.